These are our strengths but we're willing to adapt to your business needs.

Centralised Procurement

You will appreciate our “one-stop shopping” approach to procurement. Together we build a flexible and secure ordering procedure that meets compliancy expectations. We accept orders by phone, e-mail or via our customer portal. All questions that current and potential customers may have regarding our products, order management or logistics are answered swiftly and as complete as possible. To ensure our promises are kept and efficiency is increased we keep an assortment stock of products. We also place great emphasis on our logistics, because we are sensitive to your need to have the right product at the right place at the right time.

Global Fulfillment

Getting your product at the right place at the right time! That is what we aim for! For Hoykon no location is impossible. Our stock combined with that of our selected partners makes sure we can procure, deploy, ship and bill to every country in the world. In over 80 countries we have provide services at our customer’s request. We are brand independent and have partnerships with virtually all mayor IT manufacturers. This means that we can provide any product for any location at competitive prices.

Technical Services

All your hardware can be built to your specifications and needs. Our in-office IT infrastructure provides room for imaging services down to user level deployment. Our staff and processes are equipped to handle vast amounts imaging requests. With our international team of highly skilled support engineers we can offer a variety of technical services. From incidental-short notice to long-term staffing needs we can provide those extra pair of hands that your organization needs. Depending on your specific needs our staff will be there to assist and support.

Asset Disposal

At the customer’s request the collection of disposed equipment is organized. Hoykon provides the entire infrastructure for the collection process. This ranges from sending personnel to the site to organizing the delivery and retrieval to collection cages. During the entire process Hoykon consults with the client to create the most optimal planning. All equipment retrieved in the disposal process is assessed and marketed to 3rd party vendors. All equipment with no residual value is destroyed. Hoykon provides a full report of all remarketed and destroyed equipment to the customer.

About us

Hoykon is a global IT provider in the B2B market serving global and local businesses worldwide with innovative technology solutions.

Today, many businesses rely on Hoykon to acquire, implement and manage technology solutions to empower their business. In addition, we offer a comprehensive portfolio and provide value added services for our global clients. We are aggressively expanding our global capabilities by introducing new offerings, including hardware and services, to meet emerging needs for our clients worldwide.

Hoykon has relationships with reputable, world-class partners that have an established foothold in the IT market. A one-stop shopping solution that makes sense. We offer everything you need to improve and support your business processes from an IT perspective. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Our partners

We are vendor-independent and able to supply you with almost any IT product out there. We have strategic partnerships with all major vendors but also team up with the smaller ones.


We are always looking for skilled employees and trainees, who add value to our company. For trainees we have credentials in It, Commercial and Financial educations. Interested? Please send your resume and cover letter to

What do we offer

  • The Hoykon company's extraordinary heritage and the global scale of what we do;
  • The challenge of meaningful work - our unique global system offers constant opportunities to develop world-class skills and a truly international career;
  • A unique culture where people convert their passion into action;
  • The kind of competitive compensation you would expect from a global company;

What do we expect

  • The ability to contribute, to make a difference and have a tangible impact - turning your passion into action;
  • Creative and fresh thinking in your work and your life, regardless of your role;
  • A spirit of collaboration - you thrive when you work with a diverse range of people with different views, perspectives and priorities;
  • A pragmatic and commercial mindset that understands the challenge of sustainability;

Contact us

If you need more information or need assistance, please feel free to contact us.

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